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January 1, 1998
The rights to WWIV BBS Software are purchased by WWIV Software Services from author Wayne Bell.

January 24, 1998
RemoteAccess BBS v2.52 is released. This is the first version of RemoteAccess 2.50 with revised copyright information based on the sale of RemoteAccess by Andrew Milner to Bruce F. Morse of Haverhill, MA.

May 18, 1998
Jack Rickard, editor of Boardwatch Magazine, sells its controlling company, One Inc. (which also runs the ISPCON trade shows) to Mecklermedia in a cash and stock deal worth $29.5 million.

Source http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-329381.html

July 31, 1998
TeleGrafix Inc., makers of ProBoard BBS Software and designers of the RIPscrip BBS Graphics Protocol, purchase the rights to Searchlight BBS from Frank LaRosa of Searchlight Software.

September, 1998
The Hornet Demo Archive, a collection of computer demos (demonstrations of programming and design ability) and music (MODs, XMs and other computer music formats) dating from the time of BBSes into the present day, officially announces it is closing.

October, 1998
Hayes Microcomputer files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection for the second time.

October 12, 1998
Penton Media, a century-old med-western press and trade show organization, purchases Mecklermedia Corporation, who had previously purchased Jack Rickard's Boardwatch Magazines on May 18th, 1998. The merger is estimated to be in the range of $274 million.

Source http://www.infotoday.com/newsbreaks/nb1012-3.htm

October 28, 1998
President Clinton signs the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) into law, outlawing the reverse-engineering of any product with the intention of circumventing Copyright protection.

November, 1998
Jack Rickard resigns as editor of Boardwatch Magazine.

Source http://www.zdnet.com/intweek/stories/news/0,4164,371421,00.html

November 19, 1998
The Wildcat BBS Software Product Line is sold to Santronics Software. This includes Wildcat! BBS, the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, and the Off-Line Xpress BBS Mail Reader.

Source http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=36547119.0%40news.ncn.com&output=gplain

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