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January 16, 1978
Snowed in during the Great Chicago Snowstorm of 1978, Ward Christensen begins preliminary work on what would eventually become CBBS (Computer Bulletin Board System), the first Bulletin Board System.

cbbs.txt (8.0K) A description of the first days of CBBS by Randy Suess and Ward Christensen (1989)
cbbs1980.jpg ( 12K) Photograph of CBBS from Kilobaud Magazine, circa 1980
rsuess.jpg ( 12K) Photograph of Randy Suess, Kilobaud Magazine, 1980.

February 16, 1978
"Observed" first day of operation of CBBS. (The actual operation date was weeks earlier, but Ward and Randy stretch out development time to be one month because 2 weeks sounds boastful/inaccurate.)

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